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I’m Marcel Mitchell

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Hi! I’m Marcel and I’m a leadership trainer, speaker and coach with Marcel Mitchell Leadership Development. I’m also your friend. I love the outdoors of British Columbia where I live and work, in particular mountain biking at Whistler and the mountains nearby. I enjoy cooking, and eating, BBQ, and walking on the beach with my wife. I would say I have a very exciting life!

Paul Martinelli - President of the John Maxwell Team

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Recently, I was asked to preach the closing sermon for at the 125th Anniversary of First Baptist Church in... There were other ways that you cared for me and my family. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, this... I have a couple questions.  Is it possible for this church, First Baptist Leduc, to last another... A Life of Fruitfulness (v.2, 3; Ps. 92:12-15)“In all that he does, he prospers.” Far too often our...

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