Hi, I’m Marcel Mitchell

Owner/Founder, Speaker/Trainer/Coach, Friend

Hi, I’m Marcel and I’m a missional leadership, trainer, speaker, and coach with Marcel Mitchell Leadership Development. I’m also your friend. I love the outdoors of British Columbia where I live and work. In particular I love to mountain bike at Whistler and on the mountains nearby my home. I enjoy cooking, and eating BBQ, walking on the beach with my wife and spending time with my wonderful family. I would say I have a very exciting life! Why? One word..."Mission."

Marcel Mitchell - Leadership Coach

My Success

  • I've been to 23 countries and counting!
  • I help develop missional leadership skills to people around the world by volunteering to teach and mentor people in developing nations and throughout North America.
  • I've been married for over 28 years to Ingrid and we have 7 amazing children and 1 super-awesome grand-child. (Family is my primary mission!)
  • I read every single day about mission and leadership (about 50 books a year!).

I love leaders, especially those that are engaged in The Mission of God. We are all leaders in some aspect of our lives. Perhaps you are a leader in a business, church, recreational group, your family, a neighbourhood; we all have places where we lead. These are places that God has put us to participate in His mission in the world. It is a mission of redeeming His creation. Yet what I have noticed in over 30 years of church leadership is that most people, and churches, don't participate in God's mission in a personal and tangible way. In other words, they don't know how to take on the posture of a missionary in the local setting in which they have been placed and participate in building the Kingdom of God. Why is this?

1) Many people and churches do not understand there is a calling upon each person to participate in God's mission in a local context. 2) I have seen churches abdicate their role of mission to the community in which they have been planted thinking that mission is what is done by the church overseas. 3) I struggled that people in churches believed that mission was for pastors and missionaries to do (leave mission for the professionals to do..."we pay them to do it"). 4) I have witnessed church resources go toward prioritize programs and personal monuments rather than souls. 5) I became frustrated at seeing churches adopt a consumer-based-attractional-model of growth rather have an ethos of participation in God's mission.

The reasons that Christians don't participate in God's mission bothered me so much that I wanted to do something so as to change these prevailing beliefs and practices. Thus I set about to study how to develop missional leaders in a doctoral program. I had three questions I wanted to study.

  1. What is the definition leadership and what does it mean to be a leader?
  2. What is the definition of missional and therefore what does it mean to be missional?
  3. How do we develop leaders toward a missional ethos so as to cause the whole of an organization to participate in The Mission of God?

As a result of my studies I have been able to help numerous people and organizations achieve their missional leadership goals to:

  • Succeed in developing a missional ethos
  • Take the posture of a missionary among one's locale
  • Communicate Vision, Values, Beliefs and Mission
  • Develop missional leadership skills

Let me come along side you to help you accomplish your missional leadership goals.