An Encouraging Leadership Blog!

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An Encouraging Leadership Blog!

Not “just another” blog about leadership. An encouraging leadership blog!

I am grateful this day to launch my new website It is the culmination of many years work, countless hours of reading, unending days of academic research, weeks of dry spells, months of painful writing and yet, in the end, I learned more than I ever thought I could about leadership, specifically missional leadership development.I have been a mechanic and production control/planner in the aviation industry, an agri-business owner for 23 years, and a minster for almost as long.In each of those setting I have seen good and bad leadership on display.I have always been fascinated by leaders and leadership.Are leaders born or made?If they are made what made them to be a great leader?What can be done to raise the leadership abilities of myself and others? This became the focus of my studies at Sioux Falls Seminary and today I bring my years of learning to this platform and I hope it will be of great help to you.

I desire this website to have a three-fold function.First, I desire this site to be a help for businesses of all sizes to bring the leadership skills up of both the leaders and staff.Second, I desire to see this website help churches in the development of missional leaders, which is the area of specialization in my doctorate.Friday blog posts will be dedicated to missional leadership development.I’ll call Friday’s posts, “Faith Friday.”God has a mission and church to carry out that mission. Sadly, many churches are stagnant if not in decline.I want to see that change!Thirdly, this website is for the individual that is seeking to raise their leadership skills in whatever setting they feel they need their skills raised.On, you will see not only this daily blog, but there will be regular podcasts and opportunities for the site visitor to engage in a leadership courses or to be coached by me or one of my associates.

There are several people I’d like to thank for getting this endeavor off the ground.Firstly, my wife Ingrid.The smartest, wittiest and most intelligent woman that I know and who is, and always will be, an encouragement to me.She will often remind me that we are a team and indeed we are.This website is a testament to her encouragement toward me to venture in the direction of building a leadership platform.I thank her for the space given me to do the hard work in the silence of my office.To Dr. Rainer Kunz, my coach, who asked the right questions and directed my headspace to focus on taking my high output personality and building a leadership platform. It is because of him and his skill in working with me that I have pursued training to be a leadership coach.To Dr. Susan Reese, my doctoral advisor, who found the content of my research “exciting” and encouraged me to develop something out of my research that could be of great use to businesses, churches and other organizations. I cherished my meetings with you because of the wisdom that you gave and the permission to dream. To my late mentor and friend Dr. Jim Leverette.The loss I feel is great, yet I will cherish the memory of you and the investment you made in my life.The books you had me read, the long encouraging conversations and what many people don’t know, the difficult course correcting conversations you had with me.Your influence will be felt for many generations.To Dave Cruickshank and Richard Gale at GasLamp Village Media Inc. who designed this website, gave excellent platform advice and constant encouragement as to the potential this site could have in leadership development.Your patience with me, a very non-techie guy, was greatly appreciated and I look forward too many years of working with you as my media services team!

Notice that each of the above leaders I thanked were encouraging. I can’t say that I have ever heard a discouraging word from any of them. That’s what leaders do.Encourage the best in people to accomplish great goals and experience success.I hope this site does that for you!