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  • Nov
Never be The 1% Solution!  Be More!

I realize the title may confuse some so perhaps it's important to say, I'm not talking about the 1% solution that in regard to bio-chemistry, nor am I meaning it in the sense of how Tom... A number of years ago I had the privilege of coaching two business leaders through the excitement and difficulties that come with an oil field service start-up. One day I was called to come to...

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  • Nov
Where is Your Sense of Mission?

Recently, a pastor whom I was coaching toward greater missional effectiveness, told me of all the great outreach programs that they do as a church. There was the usual ministries that adorn... It's innate; it's part of the DNA of a Christian. If a Christian has a skewed understanding of mission or perhaps has no appreciate for the Missio Dei it is because he or she lacks one crucial...

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What Mountain Biking and Leadership Share in Common

I have always enjoyed riding a bike. I suppose it's the result of being half-Dutch, a people whom are amongst the most prolific cyclers in the world with 36% of people saying biking is their... Our bikes, though very well built (Kona hard tails), are better suited for trail rides. We really needed full suspension on our bikes. Despite being July, it was cool thus I was not dressed for... This last week I was coaching a young man who is a minister in another province. He is facing a very large mountain, one that could perhaps cost him his job, though it is no fault of his own. ...